Rethink your Home Safety! Let’s Fight with Evergrowing 45 Risks

Are you sure? your home is safe against modern day risks! Check out for these ever present risks found in every home.


  1. Double Check all electrical devices for any loose and frayed wire and replace or repair in the same moment.
  2. Make sure no cords run under rugs, across doorways, in short safeguard traffic areas.
  3. Put plastic safety covers over unused outlets if you have any small children.
  4. Don’t rely on extension cords, go for a bit safer approach, consider adding of electrical outlets, extensions are not that much safe.
  5. Check all outlets and plugs for over-heating, if they are then immediately replace them.
  6. Don’t overload wires, make sure, not to put any extra burden and double check for directions about maximum wattage.


  1. Inspect outside vents on regular basis especially during extreme weather conditions and clear out any obstruction to prevent carbon monoxide build up.
  2. Fireplace or a wood-stove could be risky if you don’t right wood for it, use only dry seasoned wood which burns without producing excessive creosote. Creosote build up is risky and can cause chimney fires.
  3. Schedule a routine check up of chimneys and preferably by a professional.
  4. Install sensitive smoke detector over tentative smoky places.
  5. Keep children away from water heaters if possible put a slight barrier between two and never set temperature higher than 120 degrees to prevent burns and don’t forget to inspect water heater on routine basis.

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

  1. Install smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors frequently throughout the house especially in all sleeping areas.
  2. Plan a fire drill exercise, put all smoke alarms on test and get rid of non functional.
  3. Inspect and replace alarm batteries on periodic basis, consider it a sign if alarm chirps.
  4. Clean all alarms on regular basis, no excuse.
  5. Add fire emergency number in existing list and display it near phone.
  6. Every family member should remember the distinct sound of each fire alarm.

Fire Extinguishers

  1. Place extinguishers on strategic places, for instance put one in the kitchen, one on every floor and near potential heated area, learn how to use them effectively.
  2. Schedule a routine inspection of extinguisher, follow manufacturer’s guideline strictly. Replace them before expiry of their time line.
  3. Why don’t you go for a sprinkler system in addition to extinguishers?

Escape Plans

  1. Draft a fire escape plan, revise it from time to time, rehearse it twice a year with whole family and check for any chances of improvement.
  2. If you are living in a two-story house, build or buy a rescue ladder, install or place it on strategic place preferably with upper level window. For Small Children
  3. Install safety latches and locks with all the cabinets, drawers, cupboards etc.
  4. Install window guards on every window, don’t forget, one window per room is allotted for fire exit.
  5. Install safety gates at all potential danger zones, fence or bar two extremes of stairs, the top and bottom.
  6. Jail all poisonous or hazardous materials in a locked cabinet. Display poison control emergency number on cabinet.
  7. Treat all medicines and vitamins in the same way like you treated poisonous materials, lock them up.
  8. Hide all sharp objects and knives away from a child’s reach.
  9. Stay alert, lock up any guns, keep the gun unloaded and away from ammunition.
  10. Install padding on furniture with sharp edges and also put doorknob covers on main doors so kids can’t go out unattended.
  11. Fence the pool properly, don’t neglect pool safety, keep it tight, fence should be four sides and along with a child-proof gate.
  12. Educate children about home address and how to dial an emergency number like 911 etc. Build your own list of emergency numbers


  1. Select sturdy and toughest locks and install them on every door to the outside including a door into the house from the garage area.
  2. Safeguard your backyard, put sensitive gadgets like motion-sensing floodlights in it to notice any un usual change. There is huge list of safety gadgets that may be used in safety strategy.
  3. Keep your house looking lived-in when you are away. Arrange for lawn mowing, use auto timers for selected lights, leave drapes or shades active, leave a car in the driveway, think around these lines.
  4. Install sophistical security systems if possible like CCTV, jammers, central locking system and even if you are not using them, advertise them prominently.
  5. Scan your landscaping tightly and looks for any dodgy spots, trim trees or shrubs near windows and doors that provide hiding places for burglars and they could serve as a ladder to upper windows and entry points.
  6. Install a metal bar or a solid wood dowel and insert it in the tracking of sliding glass doors and prevent anyone from opening them.
  7. Don’t put your name on mailbox, try using your street number instead.
  8. Make a spare copy of home key and give it to your trusted neighbor or nearby friend.


  1. Display your house number prominently on the street so in case of emergency it can be seen easily from far.
  2. Put flammable liquids away from flame sources and try to store them outside of the house.
  3. Also keep flammable objects away from the kitchen stove.
  4. Always plug a rechargeable flashlight near by you preferably by your bed so you can light the way in emergency situation to make your way through smoke or to signal firefighters.
  5. Use more bright color in paint scheme, it will make home more visible, especially paint bottom basement step white to make it more visible.
  6. Install light switches at the top and bottom of stairs and prevent risk of falling in the dark.
  7. Call a property expert at least once a year and ask him to inspect your home from commercial point of view and rate it on global safety grid.
  8. Always think out of the box, invest and improve overall home safety plan.

Hope you like the list.


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